Plays lots of styles: Techouse, Techno, Minimal Techno and with Psytrance the styles: DarkPsy, Forest and Psychedelic. You can find my mixes on Soundcloud.

Sterrebos 253
The Netherlands
Phone: +31682183810
International Phone: +31622802713
KvK: 73446440
VAT: NL133748212B02

The  most feared pirate Estaban gets shot by his own women, he survives the hit and curses them along with the black pirates they run off with and the island where they come from. The curse however turns against himself.

In the nearby future on a vacantion island, vampires lurking, drug smuggelers disappearing.  The local gangsters find out that the vampires really do exist. One of the vampires returns from the future, with the technology from the future they capture people and copy them. The vampires must go to Saturn and have their mind on the passengers of a Boeing 747.